Glossary of Terms

Because Entertainment Industries FCU is so different from banks and other financial institutions in the sense that we are a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative, there are several distinct terms that credit unions use when talking about various financial products and services.

The interest earned on your account.

Share Draft
Another name for your personal checking account.

Share Savings
Your Share Savings Account represents your "share" of ownership in the credit union. This is your promary account at the credit union, which must be maintained in order to take advantage of the many benefits of credit union membership.

Term Share Certificates
Equivalent to Certificates of Deposit (CDs).

Entertainment Industries FCU Checking

Personal Checking Account (ShareDraft)

An Entertainment Industries FCU Checking Account is Three Accounts in one:

  • A Low Balance Fee Account*
  • A No Fee Account* or
  • A Dividend Checking Account - When an average daily balance of $1,000 or more is maintained on deposit

* A monthly service fee applies if Checking Account Average Daily Balance is below $300

There is never any per-check charge with your Entertainment Industries FCU Checking Account! What's more, if you have Direct Deposit in conjunction with any of the above accounts, you'll receive free ATM withdrawals, and the option of having Overdraft Protection through your Entertainment Industries FCU VISA credit card or Overdraft Line of Credit Loan. Experience the money-saving convenience of hassle-free checking.

Switch to an Entertainment Industries FCU Checking Account today!

Switch Kit

You can use this information to advise:

  • Company, business or government agency making direct deposits into your current checking account to begin making them into your EIFCU union checking account.
  • To advise anyone who is making automatic withdrawals from your current checking account to begin taking them from your EIFCU checking account.
  • To advise the bank to close your current checking account.

Access Online Switch Kit

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Access/Debit Card

Co-Op NetworkYour Entertainment Industries FCU ATM card allows you to access your credit union accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week at any ATM displaying the PLUS, CO-OP, or NYCE logo. CO-OP is a surcharge free network.

You can also use your ATM card to pay for purchases at merchants where the NYCE logo is displayed. Use your Visa Debit Card at most locations that display the Visa logo.

Apply For A VISA ATM/Debit Card!

“24 Hour Phone Teller” (Audio Response Service)

Use this free service to access your credit union accounts anytime day or night and make balance inquiries, transfer funds between allowable accounts, and more - all from any touch tone phone in the world! Access your accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Just dial 1-877-768-5414.

Direct Deposit

This free service allows you to have your net pay, retirement, government-issued checks, and IRS income tax refunds electronically transferred and deposited into your credit union account(s) every pay period. By eliminating inconvenient trips to the credit union office to deposit your check, Direct Deposit offers convenience you can use. Plus, many other benefits go hand-in-hand with this free service:

  • FREE 24-hour access
  • FREE 24-hour ATM access with your Entertainment Industries FCU VISA Debit Card
  • No monthly maintenance fees or per-check charges on your Checking Account*
  • Loan rate discounts (excluding real estate and VISA)
  • And More!

* A monthly service fee applies if Checking Account Average Daily Balance is below $300

Many organizations including the United States Government are moving away from issuing paper checks and are strongly encouraging their employees to sign up for Direct Deposit.

Simplify your life. Sign up for Direct Deposit with Entertainment Industries FCU and your employer today!

CU-By-Mail, Fax, Phone, and Website

Many transactions can be conveniently conducted by mail, fax, phone, web, and interoffice mail, if available.

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