A Member Owned Financial Cooperative

Entertainment Industries FCU serves employees of our sponsor companies, members of our affiliated organizations, those who live, work, worship, or attend school, and businesses and other legal entities in the city of Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Entertainment Industries FCU is a member-owned, not-for-profit, financial cooperative. Members who deposit their money into one of EIFCU's deposit accounts earn a competitive rate of return. That money is then used to meet the borrowing needs of members. Unlike banks who need to generate profit to satisfy stockholders, interest earned on loans is returned to members each year in the form of additional products and services, higher savings/investment rates and lower loan rate.

We are all aware of the challenges facing the banking industry: Growing customer dissatisfaction, mergers, going out of business, etc. At EIFCU we deal with members on a very personal basis to meet their family's personal financial needs. We practice our industry's national motto on a daily basis: People Helping People. Let us help you...
Become part of our growing family today.

There is a minimum initial deposit of only $5.00 to open a Share Savings Account. This $5.00 is not a fee. It represents your “share” of ownership in the credit union. As a part-owner of the credit union, you and others are actually part of a cooperative, pooling resources to allow each and every member to benefit. It's members themselves who portray the “People Helping People” philosophy of credit unions. And it's members who keep the credit union going strong.

The unique, mutually beneficial relationship between all of our members is the foundation on which the credit union industry was built. In short, members are Entertainment Industries Federal Credit Union.

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